Safeguarding Children is a high priority for all who work at Sessay CE Community Primary School. This page will give you access to all the information regarding Safeguarding in school.

Child Protection
Any Child Protection concerns should be directed to Miss Bennett who is the Designated Person for Child Protection in school. Miss Bennett may then pass this concern onto the Social Care Team who will decide on the appropriate action to take. Parents will be informed of this process unless it is felt that this information may put a child in danger.  If for any reason Miss Bennett is not available please take concerns to Mrs Tyrka or Mrs Waite who will follow the appropriate procedures


The start of the school day
Children should not arrive at school before 8.40am. Teachers will be on duty and children can be left in their care. The whistle blows at 8.45am and children line up outside their classroom ready to go into the classroom.  Registers are taken at 8.50am

Early morning drop off is available from 8.00am and must be booked at the school office.

At the end of the school day
Parents/carers of children in Byland (Reception and Year 1) will collect their child from outside the classroom.

Children in Fountains and Rievaulx will come out of the classroom onto the main playground and find the person who is collecting them. Any children who find there is no one in the playground to meet them will come and report to the school office and then wait in the school entrance. If a parent/carer does not arrive a phone call will be made to arrange how the child is getting home. 

When a child is absent from school.
When your child is ill we ask that you ring the office on the first day of absence to inform us. There will be someone to take your call from about 8am and messages can be left on the answerphone. If we are not informed the School staff will ring to ensure they know the reason for your child’s absence.  

Children that travel on the School Bus
This bus is provided by North Yorkshire School Transport and arrangements must be made with them if you wish to travel. A register is taken for these children before they get on the bus. We ask that parents inform us which days their child will be travelling on this service and let us know of any changes to these arrangements.

Children that attend After School Club
Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children will be collected and brought to the classroom by After School Club staff and older children will make their own way there.  Booking for After School Club must be made through the school office.

First Aid
We have a number of Qualified First Aiders in school. Mrs Woodhead is our main First Aider and will treat any serious cases. If a child requires any treatment then an account will be made of the accident in our accident book. If a child has had a bump to the head then a slip will be put in the child’s bag informing parents or carers. If it is felt that the parent/carer should be informed following a more major incident then a phone call will be made home. Following an incident in school, if there is treatment involving a doctor or the hospital, we ask that the School Office is informed.

Medicines in school
School can only give medicines, such as antibiotics, that are prescribed to be taken four times a day. Forms are available from the school office. Children must not keep medicines in their school bag unless they are their personal inhalers.  

Health Care Plans
It is important that our staff are clear what to do when emergencies arise with children with medical needs. Therefore in these cases we work closely with parents and health care professionals to put together a health care plan. If you feel that your child requires one of these don’t hesitate to contact the school.

Internet Safety
Every class is taught about internet safety as part of the curriculum. Each child will sign an agreement on safe use of the internet.

Data Collection

During your child’s time at school the school collects a rage of data about your child.  To view the privacy notice about the data please click here.